November 20, 2016

Streamlined Migration

Streamlined Migration

The Blue Tahiti team supports you through each step of the transition from initial consultation through to system launch, ensuring that your time is free to manage the day-to-day running of your organization.

Data Preparation:

The Blue Tahiti team has extensive experience in bringing together data, from disparate sources and formats, to create a Single Customer View (SCV). We take on the task of preparing all client data for import into the C-Insight platform. Advanced automated processes of data standardization, formatting and matching are applied in order to achieve a clean, single view of each record. This expertise helps save significant time for our clients.

Bespoke Configuration:

Once the SCV is established, the Blue Tahiti Project Manager will work with your team to understand your detailed requirements and to configure the C-Insight platform to accommodate your unique data hierarchy and terminology, processes, rules and integrations. Throughout this phase we offer clear guidance on how the system can support best practices, efficiency and your strategic goals.

User Testing:

Prior to system launch, your staff will be able to test functionality in a beta environment, to ensure everything is working to your satisfaction. This, combined with comprehensive user training, means that your team can reap the full benefits of the new system from day one.

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