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With a user friendly online presence, users can register and create their own marketing lists, paying via credit card or Paypal, and downloading data to their desktop. Prospect Creator provides an flexible but intuitive online list sales application that can be added to any website.

If you are interested in selling your marketing data directly into the Salesforce community click here.

Convenient Access

Users can register online and be running their own counts in minutes. With simple point and click selections, a user can determine how much data is available for their campaign in seconds. Your sales team can focus on the high value, account managed customers, but with our online platform, you’ll never miss out on the smaller sales opportunities. Using your payment provider of choice, users are able to pay and download data for their campaign instantly.

Prior Order Suppression

As users return for more campaign data they may want to exclude receiving data previously supplied. Excluding one or more previous orders is a simple matter of selecting them from a list. The system will then remove these records from the count and subsequent export.

Virtually Unlimited Data Volumes

Whether you have a few thousand records, or tens of millions, online list sales of your data is always possible. Our systems can scale to suit your needs and budget, ensuring that your e-commerce presence is always profitable.

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