Maximizer Integration for Data Quality & Marketing

Plug your data directly into Maximizer user organizations

Reach the global Maximizer user base to deliver your data directly to the desktop of thousands of users, helping them increase their effectiveness with cleaner, more reliable contacts.

Using our Maximizer plug-in, your data becomes directly available within a users Maximizer application for;

  • Enhancing Maximizer Accounts & Leads.
  • Creating New Targeted Prospect Accounts & Leads.
  • Automatic Scheduled Bulk Cleaning & Updating of Accounts & Leads.
  • Automatic Scheduled Bulk Creation of New Targeted Prospect Accounts & Leads.

Instant Prospects directly into Maximizer 

Maximizer users will never run out of prospects when they have access to your database directly through our Maximizer Integration plug-in. Users can view the prospects that are available on your database by simply entering the criteria they want, such as location, industry, employee size and so on. Having reviewed the results, with a single click the user can add a prospect to Maximizer, either as an account or lead. If there are contacts available, these can also be added to the new account at a click.

Data Verification, Correction & Enhancement of Maximizer Data

Whenever a Maximizer user is in a company account or lead, the channel & demographic information that is available on your database for that company is displayed to the user. The user can then select the elements from your database that they want to use to correct or enhance their Maximizer account. This allows Maximizer users to use your accurate and comprehensive marketing data to ensure that their own records are fit for purpose.

Bulk Prospects & Clean of Maximizer Data

Maximizer bulk API allows the client to clean all or part of their Maximizer  dataset on a scheduled basis. This means that any part of their data can be updated, corrected or enhanced using your comprehensive database. For example, accounts that have been added to Maximizer from website registrations can be corrected, missing channel information added, suppression flags such as gone-away flagged, and demographics added. This ensures that all records within Maximizer are kept fit for purpose, aiding productivity, compliance, and marketing ROI.

Data Mining in Maximizer 

The data within Maximizer is diverse, covering information on accounts, opportunities, orders, contact history and so on. This current & historic data can provide an insight into customer behaviour now, and in the future. Through the use of advanced data mining techniques, analysis of this data can provide solid indicators on customer behaviour, such as their propensity to buy a given product, potential lifetime value, likelihood to churn, and many other factors that can be used to determine a data driven approach to marketing. By implementing data mining within Maximizer  using the Blue Tahiti plug-in, organisations are able to base their decisions on actual historic & evolving customer behaviour, ensuring that better outcomes are far more likely.

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