October 29, 2018



Features for associations of all sizes and budgets.

Membership Mgmt
Web Integration (Member Portal)

Membership Management

Easily configure multi-tiered membership models, including individual and organizational memberships

  • Manage & report on all aspects of a members profile, interactions, preferences, renewals & more.
  • Manage, track & report member financial transactions.
  • Configure renewals, with granular pricing control, discount vouchers, & auto-renewal functionality.
  • View transactional emails, and send SMS messages directly from within a member record
  • Detail & dashboard reports for full clarity of the membership.
  • Manage, track & report on support tickets raised by other staff.


Manage constituent contact, address and demographic information within an intuitive interface

  • Manage member level contact information across all channels.
  • Track interactions and correspondence with constituents.
  • Manage notes and document attachments.
  • Generate reports on members.

Web Integration - Member Portal

C-Insight can achieve real-time integration with your existing website or Blue Tahiti can design, build and host a new website

  • Allow members to carry out initial registration, manage their profile and preferences through a user-friendly online interfaces
  • Pay renewals, register for events, purchase from online shop, all using card payment or direct debit.
  • Automated sales invoice emails with transactions logged against member
  • View account and payment information 
  • Manage Education/CPD goals and activities
  • Online member directory.

Committees & Groups

C-Insight provides a modern, user-friendly environment in which constituents can engage with each other and with the association for special projects and knowledge sharing

  • Allow groups to share notes, message and documents
  • Member and non-member online joining
  • Setup group events
  • Group membership reports


Create and publish events and enable registrations and payments directly through the association website

  • Set up titles, venue and agenda details
  • Build member and non-member pricing splits, plus early bird pricing
  • Manage online registrations and payments, including group bookings
  • Manage attendance and waiting lists
  • Publish event information and registration details to your website
  • Track attendee information through live dashboards and reports


C-Insight enables you to manage your educational activity all within the integrated platform

  • Set up & track development plans, goals & activities.
  • Survey questionnaires.
  • Manage and track certifications and scholarships. 
  • Live reports and dashboards.

E-Commerce & Shop

Enable constituents to purchase products, subscriptions and publications through the fully integrated online shop

  • Set up products with multiple formats and pricing
  • Auto-generate invoices and receipts
  • Manage stock and fulfillment
  • View product purchase history at individual record and database-wide levels


Enable your supporters to make one time and recurring donations via a user-friendly online interface

  • Donation/tributes/dedications
  • Fundraising Reports


Manage and view all receivable payments and transactions within the C-Insight platform and optionally integrate with accounting software

  • Easily manage daily financial batches, invoices and adjustments.
  • Conveniently create any invoice on the fly 
  • Manage payments, deposits and refunds.
  • Manage deferred revenues.
  • Semi-automated data exchange with accounting software.
  • Fully-automated API data exchange with accounting software e.g. Quick Books (requires Enterprise edition).


C-Insight makes it easy and efficient to manage all your communications with your members and other contacts, whether one-off or regular automated notifications or invites, within the single platform

  • User-friendly query/list builder for one-time or regular communications
  • Easily send an email to a contact directly from their record
  • Integrated ad-hoc or automated group email blasts
  • Create, manage and track coded email campaigns
  • Manage suppression's and opt-outs
  • Create formatted output lists for mail fulfillment
  • Monitor performance through live reports and dashboards
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