November 21, 2016



The C-Insight platform is developed with operational efficiency in mind. When staff spend less time on administration and more time on creative and productive activity, this benefits morale and performance.

Availability of Information:

The integrated nature of the C-Insight platform means that staff, across all departments, have instant visibility of the information needed to support their roles. Whether viewing at individual record, segment specific or database-wide levels, staff and management can access what they need, when they need it. This supports excellent member service, engagement and management information.

Automated Processes:

Blue Tahiti project managers carry out detailed consultation with your team to identify opportunities for efficiency savings through the automation of regular tasks and activities. This starts with single points of data input, for staff through the back-end database and constituents via the website, avoiding the need for duplication of data entry. In addition, the integrated list management and email delivery tools enable regular alerts, communications and campaigns to be automated and managed through the single platform.

Ongoing Refinement:

The database driven architecture, behind C-Insight, supports the ongoing refinement of processes in order to attain greater efficiency. Quarterly client reviews ensure that the system develops in line with your operations and strategy.

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