We empower associations to engage, support & grow their membership

C-Insight is a complete cloud-based association management solution for managing members, events, education, accounting, reporting, web publishing & more, together in one place.

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Tailor Made Software


We work to understand your specific needs ensuring the solution is a
perfect fit for your organization

C-Insight is tailored to your unique requirements meaning you only pay for what you need

User Friendly Software

Time Saving

Quick, easy access for staff
saves time and lets them focus on service, development and growth initiatives

C-Insight provides staff with precisely the tools they need, with simplicity of use that requires minimal training

Affordable Software

Budget Friendly

Easy monthly payments keep the budget under control and keeps capital free for core activity investment

C-Insights easy monthly payment model allows precise budgeting for all sizes of organization

Mission Focused Association Management Software

Blue Tahiti specialises in providing dedicated solutions aimed at meeting the diverse and unique challenges faced by modern membership organizations.

Using our industry knowledge, we gain an understanding of your particular requirements and challenges.

We deliver a solution that will optimize all aspects of your organization including;

Operational efficiency

Information management and access

Member and other constituent engagement

Strategic budgeting and planning


What is Association Management Software?

What are the benefits of using software to manage members?

Support You Can Count On

We want your organization to maximize its use of the C-Insight platform. That is why we offer training and support for new users, as well as experienced users moving into new areas of responsibility. Our support options can be aligned to your organizational and users requirements, allowing you to choose the most suitable levels for your people.

Take Membership Engagement To New Levels

Many associations still use a variety of databases, software and documents to manage the day to day running of their organization. The absence of a single consolidated repository can have a negative impact on both operational efficiency and the member experience. The C-Insight platform provides a central database which integrates across all your departments, to save time for staff and increase member satisfaction.

pull-quote-orangeWhen we first came into contact with Blue Tahiti, we had a need to replace our existing AMS within a limited implementation time frame. We required a robust solution that would work across a number of departments and platforms to provide easy access to business-critical functionality. We found that Blue Tahiti were able to offer flexibility when it came to functionality, implementation times and financial terms that others could not. The team worked closely with us to understand and implement a solution to meet our immediate needs and one that would expand in line with our future growth.pull-quote-orange-inv

VP of Membership, Marketing & Communications
Major North American Professional Association


Would You Like To Learn More?

Book a consultation with one of our experts

An initial consultation enables us to gain a high level understanding of your organization, the challenges you face and the wishes you have for the future. Our industry experience means that we can offer qualified guidance on matters such as, requirements definition, needs Vs wants, budget planning, online SaaS (Software as Service) solutions, implementation planning and staff engagement. We are confident that you will be impressed by our knowledge and our unique solutions. The consultation is, therefore, provided free of charge and without any obligation on your part.


Arrange a personalised online demo

A personalised online demo will clearly show how the power and simplicity of C-Insight can bring significant benefits to your staff and members. Our specialists will take you through the key functionality, showing you how we can simplify previously complex or time consuming tasks. The demonstration will also show how effectively C-Insight integrates across each department and with your website.

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