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Blue Tahiti serves tens of thousands of end users worldwide. Our core specialty is providing fully customized, easy-to-use
SaaS database and contact management applications that give power to the users and enhance the experience for clients, members, donors and other constituents. Blue Tahiti customers enjoy innovation and flexibility that always exceeds expectations.

"We work hard with data to make your data work easy... freeing your time to focus on your core mission"

We Serve

Associations & Non-Profits

Blue Tahiti understands the importance of achieving maximum value for your investment in your AMS/CRM database technology. Our fully customized solutions provide the foundation upon which your organization can serve and grow its members, donors and other constituents. We work closely with you to help you achieve your future vision and goals.

List Owners & Managers

As an organization whose primary asset is data, your main concern has to be delivering the maximum return on your investment in that resource. Our innovative technology can help drive quality and efficiency and ensure your customer relationships are strong and enduring.


At Blue Tahiti we understand that marketing people don’t want their creativity and productivity inhibited by poor or incomplete data or by an inability to easily understand and work with it. We ensure your time is free to focus on what matters most: being creative and productive.

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Solutions to fit your unique need.

Associations & Non-Profits

Blue Tahiti Software has developed a range of fully customized, robust and user-friendly database tools which enable trade associations, membership bodies & non-profit organizations to focus their time and resources on servicing and developing their member and supporter base. Our SaaS solutions ensure minimal drain on your IT resource and do not require advanced technical skills to fully utilize. An initial free detailed analysis of requirements ensures there are no unexpected increases to scope and costs in the future.

C-Insight for Members & Donors

C-insight is a simple to use yet powerful, fully customized platform which brings together all your valuable member, donor and other contact information into one clean and consolidated database. Integration with all departments and systems ensures nothing is missed. Association staff can manage processes with speed and ease. Your constituents can self-serve through fast, user-friendly web interfaces.

  • A single 360° view – Consistent up-to-the minute information across the entire organization
  • Reduced internal administration – Increased service & productivity
  • Simple point & click access – Instant visibility & information flow
  • Enhanced Member & Donor experience – Improved development & retention
  • Fully customized to your information & processes – Minimal staff training & maximum benefit

Be knowledge full………

Membership & Donor Management

Utilize simple manual or automated processes to manage all the day-to-day needs of your association.

  • Contact Management
    • Easy to navigate individual, organizational, chapter and committee relations and history
    • Record and view notes, email communications, payments, event attendance and any other information that you hold

  • Process Management
    • Member registration, renewals, reminders, and more are all simple, fast and efficient
    • Raise invoices/credit notes and integrate with accounting systems to ensure financial tracking is clear and comprehensive

  • Member & Donor Self-Serve
    • Online profile and contact information editing with option for staff authorization for all changes
    • Online registrations, renewals, questionnaires, event registration, shopping, and committee/group interaction.
    • Secure online payments for all transactions

Commerce & Finance

Have full control and visibility of all payment processes and interactions, whether made online by constituents or manually entered by staff. Invoices are automatically or manually generated according to specific accounting requirements

  • Online Payments
    • Online dues payments for fixed/rolling full or pro-rata year and according to member type
    • Online event and training payments including pricing by member type, discount structures and other payment scaling
    • Online shopping enables constituents to add items to basket before proceeding to check out and payment
    • Online donations/pledges with gift aid/tax relief processing

  • Credit Control/Payment tracking
    • Up-to the-minute reports on dues or event payment status with automated/manual overdue reminders
    • Daily/weekly/monthly extracts of all transactions for analysis and reporting

  • Accounting System Integration
    • Daily/weekly/monthly/annual extracts of all transactions pre-formatted for import into accounting systems
    • Accounting/database API for automated financial tracking

Fundraising & Development

Your C-insight database provides the perfect platform upon which you can plan and execute your fundraising and member development activity. Have the confidence that your data is comprehensive, clean and up-to-date, ensuring that your members and donors only receive appropriate content at the appropriate times and that your efforts generate maximum returns.

  • Analysis & Campaign Building is made easy through the instant point and click access to all the information you hold. Build and store selections for all communications and development initiatives
  • Monitor campaign responses to provide clear visibility of what is and isn’t working and track the costs and returns for each campaign
  • Automatically suppress email opt outs and other exclusions from future communications
  • Online donations are made easy through user-friendly online interfaces
  • Instant live reporting provides up-to-the minute performance visibility

Events & Education

Manage all your event and continuing education information with user-friendly access for staff and constituents.

  • Create and display your event on your website with multi-tiered pricing and discount options
  • User-friendly registration and online payment options for member, donors and other attendees
  • Educational qualifications and credits can be applied automatically to each member record
  • Simple tracking and reporting on all event and educational information

Association Management Companies

Blue Tahiti understands the challenges of managing multiple client requirements and databases. Our robust, user-friendly tools can help you meet this challenge. We provide manageable platforms to suit your specific needs, technical knowledge and resources.


Blue Tahiti’s core platform which integrates with all areas of your organization to provide a clean, consolidated 360° view of each of your contacts. With speed and ease your staff can manage and access what they need, when they need it. Minimal administration time means maximum time spent on service initiatives and revenue growth.

Member & Contact Management

Manage registrations, renewals, invoicing and payments. Integrate with accounting and other systems. Security-based user access ensures HQ and chapter staff can have quick, easy access to all appropriate information.

Instant Reports

Get immediate rosters, profiles, analysis, constituent value and other reports against any constituent segment or your complete database

Communication & Campaigns

Manage renewal reminders, newsletters and all constituent communications with ease and complete visibility

Events & Accreditation

Manage all your event and continuing education information with user-friendly access for staff and constituents

Member/Supporter Engagement

Fully engage your constituents via user-friendly web interfaces enabling them to easily update membership details, make payments and to join and contribute to workgroups and committees.

Development & Sales

Understand your constituent profiles and behavior, bring in acquisition lists, identify and action development and revenue growth initiatives, track responses and ROI.

List Owners & Managers

In the highly competitive list sales and rentals sector, Blue Tahiti has the experience and the technology to help you stand out from the crowd. Our uniquely flexible and powerful range of solutions enable you to build and maintain solid client relationships, make best use of internal resources and achieve maximum returns on your valuable data assets.

Improved Productivity

Our unique online list management platform enables your staff to run selections and counts, create breakdown reports and download a customer orders, all within minutes using our simple point and click tools.
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Increased Revenue

Our powerful Match-Audit-Append Center generates countless up-sell opportunities through the ability to easily and quickly audit and enhance your client files. Your staff can quickly find and fill the gaps in a clients’ contact or demographic information and also identify additional prospects that closely match their target market.
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Online Data Sales

Provide 24/7 service to your clients via our unique e-commerce platform. Increase sales and free up resources by enabling your customers to easily and instantly build and purchase the lists they need directly through your website.
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This platform brings together yours and your clients’ data universe into a powerful Single Online View. Build firm relationships by enabling your clients to rent the data they need over the long term, enabling them to build and manage all their marketing campaigns.
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Data Hygiene

Advanced data standardization, suppression, data cleansing and de-dupe processes ensure that your data is managed and delivered to the customer in the best state possible to maintain and continually ensure your reputation for high quality.

Contact Information Reporting

Work with your customers to ensure that your data is fully up to date. Enable them to submit any discrepancies they find, such as addresses, phone numbers or new contacts. Your staff can then review, confirm and instantly authorize or reject the new information to your database. It’s like having another arm to your research team!


At Blue Tahiti we believe that when you have an idea for a new campaign, when your creative energy is flowing, that tide should not be stemmed by a failure to have the information you need at your fingertips. Equally important is the ability to accurately track campaign performance and have a full picture of what works and what doesn’t.


Bringing together all of your records and transactions, giving you all the information you need at your fingertips. Gain the insight you need to make the right decisions. With speed and ease, contact who you need, when you need, with what they need. Be ‘knowledge-full’.
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Report Creator

From a base of knowledge, invest your time, effort and hard earned cash wisely. At a glance see the who, what and when of all of your contacts and contact activity and easily track campaign costs and profitability.
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Audit & Append Center

When your data is in good shape, your business is in good shape. This tool allows you to quickly identify the gaps, identify new intelligence and bring it all together.
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Data Services

Blue Tahiti’s support services deliver, day in and day out, ETL and data hygiene tasks as well as secure IT infrastructures that make the delivery of online segmentation tools a secure and painless process.
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Products & Services

All Blue Tahiti, solutions are designed to be fast and reliable and are configured to your specific needs and budget requirement. Technical and non-technical staff can fully utilize our tools to ensure that you enjoy maximum returns on your investment.


C-Insight is an online data consolidation and management tool that brings together all of your contact records and transactions, giving you the information you need at your fingertips. Gain the insight you need to make the right decisions.

Match, Audit & Append

Match, Audit & Append is used to load new acquisition files, enrich existing data and ensure your universe is clean and free from duplicates.

Report Creator

Report Creator allows you to run customized reports on your full database or on a specific selection in seconds. See your data, your way with the click of a button.

Prospect Creator

Prospect Creator allows staff to run instant counts and selections against your entire data universe and fulfill orders in minutes. You can also give your customers the option to make selects and purchase lists instantly through your website.

About Us

Blue Tahiti has been providing software solutions for over a decade. We now serve clients across Europe and North America and help them to focus on looking after their clients and pursuing revenue growth initiatives.

Technology that Delivers

With a combined experience of over 40 years, the technical team at Blue Tahiti is dedicated to developing innovative cloud-based solutions which meet the demands of users today. We firmly believe that by providing facilities for both technical and non-technical end users, our clients can realize huge benefits in the form of efficiency and cost savings.

Client Service Excellence

Our Service team provides friendly, dedicated and efficient support to all our clients, whatever their size and needs. You will enjoy a close working relationship with our team, who are ready and willing to respond when you need it. At Blue Tahiti, we pride ourselves on providing great service, flexibility, continued innovation and great value.

What our customers have to say

“…customized, easy-to-use tool”

“Blue Tahiti helped us incorporate data from separate databases into a single consolidated view which has allowed us to determine the overall value of each member. We now have a customized, easy-to-use tool that provides the detailed reports we need at the click of a button. The Blue Tahiti team has consistently provided stellar customer service and efficient solutions to meet our needs, and we are able to make informed decisions on our marketing and member correspondence based on solid information.”

Stacey Churchill – Business Systems Integrator, Marine Corps Association

“…significant savings for the business”

“At all stages of implementation, we found the process to be quick, simple and painless. Being web based, users can access the system from any location without the need to have any software installed on their PC. The simplicity of the system has attracted many new customers who are able to purchase targeted lists without any input from our staff, resulting in significant savings for the business.”

Olivier Leclercq – Product Development Manager, Creditsafe

“…keeps it simple for the user”

“The software has allowed us to make a significant cost savings, whilst at the same time deliver increased efficiency. It is a simple user interface… It succeeds where other software fails because it keeps it simple for the user, only exposing more advanced features to the users that need it.”

Chris Burton – Marketing Services Manager, PHS

Meet The Team

Philippe Werey

Managing Director

Having started his working life in the marketing department of a major global beverage corporation, Philippe developed an interest in how technology can help businesses. Prior to starting Blue Tahiti in 2003, he had gained valuable software development experience whilst working for organizations like Hyperion and Alterian. Blue Tahiti is now supplying solutions across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, UK) as well as in North America (USA, Canada). When not working, he spends his time with his springer spaniel Harry, as well as participating in highly painful ultra-running events across the world: Transrockies, Ultra Tour du Mont-Blanc, Trans Gran Canaria and so forth.

Steve Nicholls

Head of Implementation

Steve’s background spans 25 years in engineering and IT, with roles in development, pre-sales and post-sales consultancy, implementation management and delivery. Employed by several large organizations such as Rolls Royce, Alterian, CPA Inprotech and others, he has worked with customers in a diverse range of business sectors, engaging with board level and senior management to successfully manage the delivery of complex enterprise data solutions. In his spare time he enjoys squash, which he plays to as superb standard, although that may be disputed.

Mary Hutchcraft

Head of US Operations

Mary Hutchcraft takes care of the US side of Blue Tahiti’s operations but her primary role is as a database developer. As a former business owner with a Master’s degree in IT and 14+ years’ experience in databases, analysis and customer support, she is ideally suited to her current position. Mary joined the team in 2011 and has since worked with clients and databases, both large and small, and has been instrumental in the delivery of quality, timely & innovative solutions to Blue Tahiti’s customers, both foreign and domestic. When not working, Mary and her husband like spending time with their son (who, as a college student, they don’t see very often even though he still lives at home), watching movies, trying new dining experiences and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Wojciech Lukasik

Head of Projects

Wojciech is a web enthusiast who loves all things design and technology.
He has been in the developer world for approximately 6 years specializing in designing, deploying and managing innovative, high quality data management solutions. In his free time he enjoys long-distance swimming and hanging out with friends.

Nathan Collins

Lead Software Developer

Nathan Collins is Blue Tahiti’s lead software developer. He has worked in application development for 10 years, starting his career at a banking institution and joining Blue Tahiti in 2010. Since then he has been integral in the development all of Blue Tahiti’s products and services, achieving new levels of effectiveness using leading-edge technologies and established practices.

Michael McCarron

Head of Sales & Marketing

Michaels’ background spans over 30 years in sales & marketing related roles, working for SMEs and major corporate organizations. He has been with Blue Tahiti for 3 years and his key responsibilities are in understanding the challenges faced by our customers and working with the development team to ensure that Blue Tahiti can meet and go beyond those challenges. He believes that straight forward, honest communications is the only basis upon which long term relationships can thrive. His spare time is taken up with being a dad to his teenage daughter. He also enjoys meditation – which helps in his role as dad – and music.

Ann Witherspoon

Head of Client Engagement

With over 25 years of experience in data and client-related roles, Ann has a keen interest in fully understanding our clients’ goals and needs and making sure we provide solutions that continually meet and exceed expectations. In her nearly three years at Blue Tahiti, she has enjoyed combining roles in sales, marketing and project management, engaging with new and existing clients and helping them to streamline their operations and functions so they can better achieve their overall mission. She loves to liaise between clients and our technical team to help organizations work better and smarter through the use of technology. Outside of work, she and her husband enjoy the joys and challenges of raising three awesome kids.

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